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Business Outlook

To strive for a speedy and complete recovery, the HKSAR Government has made considerable effort to help the city and industries revive, particularly focusing on attracting tourists and revitalising the city’s image.  Considerable budgets have been reserved for staging more mega events, international meetings, incentive travels, conventions and exhibitions in Hong Kong.  Shopping and dining privileges, air tickets, and over a million Hong Kong Goodies visitor consumption vouchers with citywide offers for inbound visitors have been given away, and the effort on promotion and branding of Hong Kong has been further stepped up.

During the hard times, the sector shed significant jobs, and many of the workers moved into different industries.  Now, the industry picks up again and job openings increase.  However, many of those same workers may have opted for other careers.  The labour-intensive sector in which customer service is deemed particularly vital will need to find a way out of the tight labour market.  Furthermore, the pandemic brings changes to the market.  Business travel has been less frequent due to the migration to remote and hybrid working.  Also, customers increasingly want a complete guest experience and personalisation from hotels.  All of these have given rise to the importance of adopting artificial intelligence (AI), data and customer analytics, which will help hotel operations enrich the guest experience.