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Real Estate Services

Real estate development; Property management and maintenance; Estate agency; Estate surveying, valuation and consultancy; Related education institutes/government departments /utilities.

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Business Outlook

Supported by the strong economic revival in China and gradual improvement of western’s economies from lockdown, the global trade is expected to see a steady recovery in 2021.  Nevertheless, the virus mutation and any further disputes between China and US could negatively affect the recovery of the world economy and the real estate market.


Looking forward, tenant decentralisation associated with hybrid work arrangement remained an ongoing trend in the office market.  The full retail market recovery is yet to be seen under the prolonged cross-border travel restriction and the residential market could be fully recovered in the post-pandemic as the demand for residential property are still high. 


In addition, virtual marketing would continue to grow in popularity even after the pandemic.  The trend of smart buildings balanced with a thoughtful offline experience will continue to rise.  Nevertheless, technology cannot replace human when it comes to collaboration, empathy, creative problem solving and ability to build innovative ideas and trust. 


Finally, the growth in leasing rates and capital values for the real estate industry in Greater Bay Area offers precious opportunities for the real estate market to undertake various businesses involving transaction, consultancy, valuation and project management.