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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Development; Property Management and Maintenance; Estate Agency; Estate Surveying, Valuation and Consultancy; Government Departments and Public Sector.

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Business Outlook

Given the generally stable pandemic situation, improved labour market, the continuing post-pandemic reopening that will likely encourage cross-border purchases, the real estate market will gradually back on track to recovery.

The long-term housing strategy coupled with the major transportation infrastructure projects including the Northern Metropolis Highway, Shatin Bypass, TKO-Yau Tong Tunnel, Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Rail Link, and Central Rail Link will affirm a growing demand for manpower and bring new opportunities for the real estate market.

Northern Metropolis is a vibrant area for the future population growth and urban development in Hong Kong.  It also facilitates integration of Hong Kong and Shenzhen and creates precious opportunities for real estate investors.

Green lease is a worldwide trend in sustainable development.  More corporates would include social and governance clauses in the tenancy agreement in the future by extending the scope of the green lease to more responsible areas, which would create more business prospects and job opportunities.