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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence.

Real Estate Services

Real estate development; Property management and maintenance; Estate agency; Estate surveying, valuation and consultancy; Related education institutes/government departments /utilities.

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Training Needs


Generic Skills


Estate Agency


Property/Housing Management

  • Encourage the companies to “go outside” for exploring more business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and Belt and Road.
  • Support the recruitment, upskilling and reskilling initiatives to re-engage fit retirees in the industry.
  • Promote public awareness on green buildings and nurture green buildings professionals with necessary skillsets.
  • Update the programme content, in particular the knowledge about ESG, the socio-cultural environment and ecosystem of the Greater Bay Area, associated with flexible learning modes. 
  • Refresh the trade skills and knowledge of teaching staff through industrial attachments.
  • Provide more diversified learning opportunities to nurture all-rounders.
  • Collaborate exchange activities and industrial attachment opportunities with industry partners in the Greater Bay Area and overseas.
  • Refer alumni of vocational and professional education and training institutes for networking and employment purposes.
  • Adapt to change accordingly and adopt effective change management communication strategies.
  • Provide training incentives to employees for learning multi-skills and knowledge.
  • Match the right talents to the right roles with due recognition for identifying future leaders and enabling talent mobility.
  • Consider re-engaging capable retirees into the workforce.
  • Adopt agile working arrangements to accommodate the needs of employees.
  • Cultivate a pro-learning mindset for being more supportive of change, more productive, more resilient and more innovative in the dynamic working environment.
  • Expand their vision and take advantage of the business prospects under the Greater Bay Area and Belt and Road.
  • Leverage employers’ support and make use of various government funding to enrich themselves with multi-skills and new competencies.
  • Learn more digital skills and apply the property technologies for staying productive and innovative.
  • Manage changes with soft skills training, enforce the interpersonal skills while raising design thinking and innovative business solutions capabilities.