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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence.

Real Estate Services

Real estate development; Property management and maintenance; Estate agency; Estate surveying, valuation and consultancy; Related education institutes/government departments /utilities.

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Training Needs


Generic Skills


Estate Agency


Property/Housing Management

The employers should motivate and subsidise their employees to pursue lifelong learning and make use of the new technologies, such as big data, machine learning, VR, AR and Internet of things technologies to enhance the competiveness of the business.

Employees should attend more in-service training programmes to equip themselves so as to enhance their competitiveness in the market, in particular, in the new technologies and Mainland China market areas.

  • The Qualifications Frameworks Secretariat should continue to promote the Framework to stakeholders for their buy-in and the Employees Retraining Board should offer more training programmes for property management and maintenance sector to help ease its manpower shortage.
  • The Government should consider extending the Earn and Learn Scheme to the real estate services industry, in particular, property management and maintenance sector with acute manpower demand; and the scope of subsidies under the Continuing Education Fund to more sectors; as well as making the initiative to review the manpower policy with a view to addressing the talent and human capital needs of the industry.
  • Educational institutions and training providers should offer more practical knowledge and skills training programmes, as well as bridging courses for new entrants and in-service practitioners.
  • Suitable preparatory training courses to equip in-service practitioners with knowledge in the Mainland market and more training programmes in Building Information Modelling for architecture, engineering and construction professionals should be offered.