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Media and Communications

Journalism; Digital/ new media; Advertising and public relations; Media production; ...

Covers :
1. Journalism
   - Newspaper
   - Magazine
   - Radio and television stations
   - News agency
2. Digital/ new media companies
3. Advertising and public relations
   - Public relations services supplier
   - Advertising companies
   - Corporate communication/PR/advertising/marketing department in sizeable companies            
4. Media production companies

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Business Outlook

The COVID-19 pandemic further catalysed consumers’ online consumption behaviour and created a new dynamic that further increased the consumption of digital media.  Consumers became more adapted to mobile office and online consumption.  There was an increased demand for online services such as virtual events, e-learning and e-commerce, as well as online entertainment such as video streaming and video games.  In view of the expansion of digital media, advertisers tend to allocate a greater share to online advertising yet tighten the overall advertising budget amid the pressured global and local economy.  The advertising and public relations sector is expected to offer professional advice on evaluating online advertising effectiveness and flexible strategies in the versatile environment.  Likewise, the media production practitioners has to be more creative and skillful in using the latest innovative media technology, and with the help of 5G high speed mobile network in the near future, to enhance user experience in the virtual world.

With public concern on issues of the social unrest and COVID-19, audience’s demand for live news reporting and in-depth analysis on current affairs and financial markets with global perspective increases.  While audience become more concerned about information integrity on digital platforms, only the trusted news brands that offer reliable sources of news can gain better share in the highly competitive market.  Journalism and digital media practitioners’ skills and knowledge on media law and professional ethics are regarded as key skills under the existing market environment.