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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence

Retail Trade

Retail of various goods, including ...

Covers :
1. Food, beverages and tobacco
2. Supermarkets
3. Fuel and transport equipment
4. Clothing, footwear and allied product
5. Consumer goods
6. Department stores
7. Jewellery
8. Medicines and cosmetics
9. Durable goods
10. Telecommunications equipment and electrical goods
11. Retail trade not via stores and mobile stalls

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Training Needs


Customer Experience Training for Omni-channel Retailing


Personalised and Specialised Customer Service Techniques for In-Store Shopping


Content Creation and Management for Digital Marketing


Retail Technologies, Data Analytics and Visualisation


Mentality and Experience for New Retail

Injecting Catalysts for New Retail


  • To devise strategies to build up Hong Kong’s talent pool so to ease off talent shortage, e.g. allowing talents from the Mainland to have workplace attachment to organisations during the course of study in Hong Kong.
  • To organise marketing campaigns targeting the post-pandemic tourism trend and promoting the innovative edge of smart retail to tourists.
  • To inject funding to support the digital transformation for new retail, including retail technology adoption, new retail talent development, and omni-channel eco-system establishment.
  • To subsidise technology start-ups with simplified fund application procedures to encourage more small scale start-up companies to develop and provide ready-made solutions for digital transformation.

Driving Digital Transformation for Omni-channel Retailing


  • To develop capability building programs to equip staff for digital transformation, customer experience making, marketing content creation, data analysis, logistics and supply chain operation.
  • To launch refresher programs to prepare practitioners with personalised and specialised customer service techniques for the post-pandemic tourism trend.
  • To engage the new generation, studying in secondary schools and higher education, in industry projects so to inspire them with the prospects and development pathways available in the retail industry.
  • To redesign the career development plan catering for the new generation.
  • To offer job rotation to existing staff and internship to trainees to get familiar with OMO operation.
  • To encourage SMEs to pursue digital transformation for new retail through sharing of industry practices in post-COVID retail transformation, retail technology adoption, marketing analytics, digital marketing tools and strategies, etc.

Equipping Work-ready Talents for Future Retail


  • To nurture talents with knowledge in various e-commerce platforms and omni-channel strategies as well as talents in logistics and supply chain operation to support new integrated retail model.
  • To groom customer experience makers to have empathy for customers, creativity to make marketing contents and agility to respond to customer needs innovatively.
  • To nurture personalised and specialised customer service techniques for providing new in-store shopping experience.
  • To train up digital and IT talents for data analysis and visualisation, point of sales system development and integration, supply chain digitalisation, retail technologies development, cloud-based solutions, and cyber security etc to support the emerging digital eco-systems in retailing.
  • To upskill and reskill the existing workforce through in-service training, especially in retail technologies, to gear up for smart retail.
  • To provide workplace integrated learning in authentic retail environments, both physical stores and e-commerce platforms, to gear up new retail competencies.
  • To set up an E-shop as an authentic training platform for strengthening e-commerce competencies of students.