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Fashion and Textile

Textile industry; Clothing industry; Fur, footwear and handbag industries; Trading, and testing services; ...

Covers :
1. Textile industry
   - Spinning
   - Weaving
   - Knitting
   - Finishing
   - Non-woven
2. Clothing industry
   - Under / night garments and knitted / crocheted underwear
   - Clothing exclude under / night garments
   - Knitwear exclude knitted and crocheted underwear
3. Fur, footwear and handbag industries
4. Trading - Import/ export of
   - footwear
   - fabrics
   - wearing apparel
   - cotton
   - textile fibre and yarn
   - luggage cases, handbags and similar articles of leather or leather substitutes
5. Testing services and laboratories

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