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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence

Electronics and Telecommunications

Manufacturing, engineering services and trading services of electronic products; Telecommunications; ...

Covers :
1. Manufacturing
2. Trading and Services
3. Telecommunications Services
4. Wholesale
5. Design Houses, universities and related government  bureau/departments
6. Retail

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Training Needs




Information Security


Network Technology Management

  • Enhanced Support to Development of Innovation and Technology
    The Hong Kong government needs to make innovation and technology a priority from resources for research and development, technology talent, investment funding, research infrastructure, legislation and regulations, and science education as well as providing more support to the industry through the Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme for promoting smart manufacturing and the Research Talent Hub to encourage the R&D activities in Hong Kong.


  • Image of a Prospective Career
    The government should promote the image of the industry by outlining a more promising perspective for local students to have aspirations to be recruited in the electronics and telecommunications related careers.
  • Enhanced Promotion of Hong Kong to be a Major Information and Telecommunications Hub
    The industries should collaborate with the Government to enhance promotion of Hong Kong as an international trade network, open markets, relatively low tax rates, a fair environment, well established international standard for intellectual property protection and judicial system, to attract overseas and mainland top research institutions to help developing Hong Kong into a major information and telecommunications hub in the region for healthcare, child care, elderly care, and smart city.


  • Upgrading Courses for In-service Practitioners
    The trade associations should collaborate with the education institutions to organise upgrading courses and webinars to in-service practitioners to upgrade their technical knowledge and skills in latest development of new technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data, etc.) and legal regulations related to the sector.
  • Update Course Curriculum with Advanced/ Emerging Skills Needed
    The education institutions should update the related curriculum of the modules with reference to the advanced/ emerging skills that are in demand in the industry.


  • Closer Collaboration with Leading Companies

    Education institutions could work with leading companies in the industry, to provide updated training to teaching staff and cooperate in research project in order to fill up the lagging gap between the curriculum and the industry expectation.
  • Providing Mentorship
    To enrich the new recruits with the development and culture of their companies, the employers should provide mentorship to train up newly recruited engineers.


  • Offer More Training Places

    Employers should consider to offer more opportunities of training places leading to recognition of professional associations such as the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
  • Proactive to Learn
    Employees should have the capability to self-learn through on-line training courses and classroom training. They should keep abreast of the development with new technologies, and be creative to develop new products/ services using the new technologies.


  • Make Use of Government’s Subsidies
    Employees are encouraged to make use of the subsidies provided by the Government such as the Continuing Education Fund and the Re-industrialisation and Technology Training Programme to upgrade their knowledge and skills.