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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence


Restaurants; Fast Food Shops; Beverage Serving Places; Event Catering; Meal/ Food Service Activities; Restaurants in Clubs.

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Training Needs


Food Hygiene and Safety


Customer Service



  • Further promote diverse employment schemes to employers to encourage them to recruit different workforce segments, including women, young school leavers, the elderly and middle-aged citizens who are still energetic and enthusiastic about the job market.
  • Subsidise the employers to provide on-the-job training.
  • Encourage employees to utilise the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) for lifelong learning and better preparation for their jobs.
  • Encourage the industry to join the scheme on Food Waste Collection launched by the Environmental Protection Department.
  • Subsidise the industry in handling high volumes of daily food waste, which incurs high costs for the industry.
  • Further promote funding schemes that support local enterprises / organisations using technological services and solutions to improve productivity and upgrade or transform their business processes.
  • Keep abreast of the updated skills and knowledge in the industry and align the training contents with the latest trends and developments in the industry, particularly putting the focus on food safety and hygiene, quality customer service, digital skills and knowledge of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).
  • Further enhance students’ knowledge and skills by providing more learning opportunities for practising catering for large-scale events.
  • Step up promotion efforts to students, parents, teachers and career masters through various channels and promotional activities.
  • Introduce and promote state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities to the stakeholders to familiarise them with the latest development of the catering industry in Hong Kong and arouse their interest in entering the catering-related profession.
  • Acquire diversified human resources, including new immigrants, ethnic minorities, homemakers, young school leavers and early retirees.
  • Review and refine the working conditions, including the working environment, hours, shift work, and remuneration packages, for facilitating staff recruitment and employee retention.
  • Encourage their staff to attend training activities to equip them with the most-updated skills and knowledge so as to keep pace with the industry environment and prepare for career advancement.
  • Encourage their employees to attain higher qualifications, upskill and reskill in accordance with the latest industry developments, and/or seek recognition of prior learning for career aspiration, which usually requires a higher education level.
  • Arrange job rotation within and / or across sections to help employees gain new skills and earn relevant on-the-job experience.
  • Upskills themselves and pursue further studies to hone the skills and keep abreast of industry development.
  • Utilise the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) to pursue continuing education and training for lifelong learning, reskilling and better preparing themselves for the job market.