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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence

Innovation and Technology

IT & communication services organisations; IT users organisations; Research & Development ...

Covers :
1. IT & communication services organisations
   - Manufacturing (IT-products)
   - Innovative products and services
   - Wholesale, retail and import/export trades of computer products and software packages
   - IT products and services suppliers
   - Digital creative
   - Communications services
2. IT users organisations
   - Manufacturing (non-IT products)
   - Innovative products and services
   - Electricity, gas and water
   - Construction
   - Wholesale, retail and import/export trades, catering and hotels
   - Transport and storage services
   - Financing, insurance, real estate and business services
   - Medical and health care services
   - Community, social and personal services
   - Government bureaux/departments
3. Research & Development
   - Innovative products and services
   - IT products and services suppliers
   - Universities and post-secondary colleges
   - Research and scientific institutes

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Research and DevelopmentEmployees

Employees by Sector

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Employees included freelancers.


All the percentages are rounded to nearest 0.1%.

Prominent Jobs


R&D Technician (IT related)


R&D Researcher/ R&D Scientist/ R&D Engineer (IT related)


R&D Researcher/ R&D Scientist/ R&D Engineer (Non-IT related)

Employees included freelancers.