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Manpower Dynamics. Data Intelligence

Innovation and Technology

IT & communication services organisations; IT users organisations; Research & Development ...

Covers :
1. Information Technology
   A) IT & communication services organisations
      - Manufacturing (IT-products)
      - Innovative products and services (IT)
      - Wholesale, retail and import/export trades of computer products and software packages
      - IT products and services suppliers
      - Digital creative
      - Communications services
   B) IT users organisations
      - Manufacturing (non-IT products)
      - Innovative products and services (non-IT)
      - Electricity, gas and water
      - Construction
      - Wholesale, retail and import/export trades, catering and hotels
      - Transport and storage services
      - Financing, insurance, real estate and business services
      - Medical and health care services
      - Community, social and personal services
      - Government bureaux/departments
2. Research & Development
   - Innovative products and services
   - IT products and services suppliers
   - Universities, post-secondary colleges and Research and scientific institutes
   - Other industries (e.g. wholesale, retail & I/E trades, catering & hotels, manufacturing, etc.)

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