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How Do We Analyse Manpower Dynamics ?

VTC assesses the manpower demand for 24 major industry sectors covering more than 80% of the Hong Kong working population. The manpower dynamics of each of the 24 industries in Hong Kong is analysed through manpower survey and manpower update in a 4-year cycle. The manpower survey is a quantitative survey conducted with relevant companies once every 4 years to collect information of employees count, income, education, and so on. The manpower update is conducted twice in the 4-year cycle through focus group meeting with industry representatives and data analytics of major recruitment platforms. The information obtained from both manpower survey and manpower update aims to facilitating the Government and different stakeholders of industries for formulation of manpower and training plan.

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4-Year Cycle

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Latest Report

Security Services Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Security Services
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

The Increasing Number of Security Personnel Permit Holders due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19 has not only curbed tourism spending but also local consumption, resulting in business closures, layoffs and/or unpaid leave for workers. Some of the laid-off workers have joined the workforce in security guarding services. As at 30 June 2020, there was an increase of 8.4% in the number of valid Security Personnel Permit (SPP) holders as compared with 2019. However, the industry estimated that some of the newcomers will leave the industry when the economy gets into better shape.

Accountancy Sector - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Accountancy
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

The Paradigm Shift

Technology is reshaping the profession. While some accounting practitioners are reskilling or upskilling themselves using technological tools to transform the role they need to perform, tech-savvy practitioners with core technical knowledge are most needed by employers. Agility, resilience to change and the ability to embrace technology are the desired attributes of future accounting practitioners. The future accounting workforce should make good use of their creativity, agility, critical thinking and adaptability to effectively respond to an environment of technological change.

Banking and Finance Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Banking and Finance
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

The Call for Digital Talents

The advancement in technology is reshaping the manpower landscape of the banking and finance industry. Financial institutions, whether they are big or small, are trying their very best to update their legacy systems and rely very much on technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Institutions also need talents who are agile and adaptive enough to navigate the changes and face the challenges that lie ahead. Employees should comprehend how new technologies are able to be applied effectively to achieve organisational goals.

Insurance Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report Image
  • Insurance
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Changing Customer Expectations

Nowadays, customers, particularly the Millennials, get used to buying online and e-commerce. They have grown up with the Internet, mobile devices, social media, and the cloud, etc. These customers are expecting similar online experience as they normally do from popular e-commerce and online platforms when they are considering buying insurance products. What is more, with the emergence of virtual insurers, traditional insurance companies have to embrace InsurTech to revamp the entire system in order to satisfy customer needs which are invariably evolving.

Innovation and Technology Sector - 2020 Manpower Update Report Image
  • Innovation and Technology
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Industry-Institution Collaboration Bridges the Talent Gap

Digital transformation happens in all industries and digital revolution is reshaping the way how businesses are functioning and how companies are interacting with customers. The market is hard to find highly skilled talents possessing both the domain knowledge and the technical skills in the innovation and technology sector. In view of such talent gap, industry-institution collaboration helps encourage more academic research and elevate student projects to local innovative products and solutions. The benefits of industry-institution collaboration are enormous to both students and companies.

Import/ Export/ Wholesale Trades - 2020 Manpower Update Report Image
  • Import/ Export/ Wholesale Trades
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Implementing Digital Plans

Together with the pandemic outbreak and the escalation of US-China trade conflicts, it is imperative for enterprises to implement digital plans in phases and explore new business opportunities beyond the US market such as “the Association of Southeast Asia Nations” (ASEAN). Furthermore, to adapt successfully to this changing business environment under the digital era, there is a rising demand for talents in data analysis, digital marketing, e-commerce, computer programming and project management.

Media and Communications Industry - 2019 Manpower Survey Report Image
  • Media and Communications
  • 2019 Manpower Survey Report

Stabilised Manpower in the Media and Communications Industry 

Driven by the public’s extensive use of digital and social media, the overall manpower of the industry stabilised between 2016 and 2019 with a change in the manpower trend that reflected the transformation of the journalism sector and the growing market demand of professional services from the advertising and public relations sector. The report recommends that multiple skills of employees should be developed and training in relation to innovative media technology, media law and professional ethics should be strengthened for the industry to cope with global and local economic challenges, and the industry should capture the opportunities associated with the 5G high speed mobile network.

Maritime Services Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Maritime Services
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Difficulty in Attracting New Blood Remains a Big Challenge of the Industry

The industry, in particular the local vessel sector, is still struggling with the ageing problem and the lack of new blood. Concerted efforts among the employers, training institutes and the Government are required to enhance the youngsters’ knowledge about the industry. A more flexible examination arrangement of the Local Certificates of Competency, such as relaxing the pre-conditions for sitting the examinations, may also enhance the appeal of the local vessel sector.

Tourism Industry - 2019 Manpower Survey Report Image
  • Tourism
  • 2019 Manpower Survey Report

Manpower for the “New Normal”

With the adverse impacts of the social incidents and coronavirus, the local tourism faces unprecedented catastrophic challenges. Competition for business and leisure arrivals should regain momentum when normalities resume. In the digital era, manpower for leveraging technology and transforming big data into actionable insights is required; however, the human element will maintain its distinctiveness when formulating creative business propositions in the customer-centric industry.

Print Media and Publishing Industries - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Print Media and Publishing
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Professional Training for Potential Editors and Print Machine Operators

Professional and systematic editorial training for interested young people and print machine operation training that targets middle-aged manpower will help ease problems of manpower succession and shortage in the labour market.

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