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Manpower Dynamics
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How Do We Analyse Manpower Dynamics ?

VTC assesses the manpower demand for 24 major industry sectors covering more than 80% of the Hong Kong working population. The manpower dynamics of each of the 24 industries in Hong Kong is analysed through manpower survey and manpower update in a 4-year cycle. The manpower survey is a quantitative survey conducted with relevant companies once every 4 years to collect information of employees count, income, education, and so on. The manpower update is conducted twice in the 4-year cycle through focus group meeting with industry representatives and data analytics of major recruitment platforms. The information obtained from both manpower survey and manpower update aims to facilitating the Government and different stakeholders of industries for formulation of manpower and training plan.

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4-Year Cycle

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Latest Report

Print Media and Publishing Industries - 2020 manpower Survey Report Image
  • Print Media and Publishing
  • 2020 Manpower Survey Report

Industries Transform for a Technology-driven Life

The 2020 survey reveals the updated manpower changes of the print media and publishing industries under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and industry consolidation. Despite the overall manpower drops in the past few years, the industries transform further towards the directive of technological advancement in areas such as Industry 4.0, e-commerce, digital printing, e-publishing and e-learning in order to keep up with the public’s demand for a more technology-driven life.

Transport and Logistics Industry - 2021 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Transport and Logistics
  • 2021 Manpower Update Report

Embrace Digitalisation & Build Multidisciplinary Talents

Digitalisation has transformed the position of freight transport companies into one-stop service providers, offering global solutions from container and bulk cargo movement to supply chain management and last mile delivery. The industry has to embrace the magnitude of technology innovations to facilitate internal and external communications and increase the speed of decision making to retain customers and develop new business. Additionally, the continuous transformation of the industry requires industry talents to have diversified multidisciplinary skills.

Manufacturing Technology Industry - 2021 Manpower Update Report Image
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • 2021 Manpower Update Report

No Longer a Blue Collar but Innovative and Tech-driven

An important way for Hong Kong’s manufacturing technology industry to enhance its industrial competitiveness is to exercise innovative power in high-value added products and nurture a good mix of a tech-savvy team specialising in Industry 4.0, the inevitable trend to go for manufacturers, with a team of multi-disciplinary talents professional in international project management. These ingredients blending together will bring out the innovation-centric and technological image and career of the manufacturing technology industry, which attract new entrants to join.

Jewellery, Watch and Clock Industry - 2020 Manpower Survey Report (English version will be uploaded later) Image
  • Jewellery, Watch and Clock
  • 2020 Manpower Survey Report

Industry’s “New Normal” – Digital Transformation

The severe coronavirus epidemic and Sino-US trade frictions have dealt a heavy blow to the jewellery, watch and & clock and optical industries. At the same time, it has also accelerated the “digital transformation” of the industries to sustain business development. Under the "New Normal", the industries continue exploring new opportunities, producing and introducing fashionable and personalised products, actively engaging online trading platforms as well as strengthening the use of omni-channels for sales and promotion. With the evolution and rapid development of the industries, a consistent supply of manpower is needed. Practitioners are also required to equip themselves with robust industry knowledge and emerging skills so as to cultivate a customer-oriented mindset. In the long run, this helps facilitate the jewellery, watch & clock and optical industries to develop continuously and move forward. (English report will be uploaded later)

Electrical and Mechanical Services Industry - 2021 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services
  • 2021 Manpower Update Report

The Challenge of Retirement Wave and Lack of New Bloods for Succession

Apart from the aircraft maintenance sector experienced hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of the pandemic to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Industry was relatively mild.  The industry is facing the challenge of retirement wave and lack of new bloods for succession. To this end, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department has stepped up their recruitment of technician trainees in recent year, and the trainees were arranged with a 30-month workplace attachment in the private sectors.  Adoption of new construction technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) is the worldwide trend; in-service practitioners and engineering discipline-related students are highly recommended to equip with relevant knowledge and skills to improve their competitiveness.

Beauty Care and Hairdressing Industry - 2020 Manpower Survey Report Image
  • Beauty Care and Hairdressing
  • 2020 Manpower Survey Report

New Experience in Industry Development

With the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the beauty and hairdressing industries is encountering unprecedented challenges. The industries have undergone new business development models under the "New Normal". For example, changes in supply chain and customer experiences and further adoption of online sales and promotion to match with the digital trend. In this high-end technology era, practitioners are required to equip themselves with the robust latest knowledge, skills and technology (such as digital media and marketing strategy, professional customer services and flexible sales techniques, etc.), which is essential for enhancing the competitiveness and distinctiveness in customer-centric beauty and hairdressing industries.

Real Estate Services Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Real Estate Services
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Grasping the Opportunity to Attract New Blood

Hong Kong’s economy has experienced a setback amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The real estate services industry is comparatively less impacted, and has recruited certain laid-off employees from other industries. Nevertheless, some employers expect that they will face challenges in retaining the talents, in particular the manpower at professional level, owing to the wave of emigration and competition for talents from public sector.

Building, Civil Engineering and Built Environment Industry - 2021 Manpower Update Report Image
  • Building, Civil Engineering and Built Environment
  • 2021 Manpower Update Report

Trend of Using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Construction Projects

MiC projects are first of all driven by the Government that the off-site manufacturing for on-site assembly methodology might reduce the construction time and labour cost as well as being more environmentally friendly. The methodology should be used with Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach such that construction wastes could be minimised.

Security Services Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Security Services
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

The Increasing Number of Security Personnel Permit Holders due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19 has not only curbed tourism spending but also local consumption, resulting in business closures, layoffs and/or unpaid leave for workers. Some of the laid-off workers have joined the workforce in security guarding services. As at 30 June 2020, there was an increase of 8.4% in the number of valid Security Personnel Permit (SPP) holders as compared with 2019. However, the industry estimated that some of the newcomers will leave the industry when the economy gets into better shape.

Accountancy Sector - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Accountancy
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

The Paradigm Shift

Technology is reshaping the profession. While some accounting practitioners are reskilling or upskilling themselves using technological tools to transform the role they need to perform, tech-savvy practitioners with core technical knowledge are most needed by employers. Agility, resilience to change and the ability to embrace technology are the desired attributes of future accounting practitioners. The future accounting workforce should make good use of their creativity, agility, critical thinking and adaptability to effectively respond to an environment of technological change.

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