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Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing of metals and plastics; Trading of metals and plastics; Related manufacturing services; ...

Covers :
1. Manufacturing sector
   - Plant maintenance section of food, beverage and tobacco manufacturing industries
   - Manufacture of basic metals
   - Manufacture of fabricated metal products and metal toys
   - Manufacture of machinery and equipment
   - Manufacture of medical equipment
   - Manufacture of electrical equipment
   - Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
   - Other manufacturing services
   - Plastic toys
   - Plastic domestic utensils
   - Plastic cases and parts
   - Plastic bags (except handbags)
   - Plastic products
2. Trading sector
   - Wholesale, import & export of machinery, equipment
   - Import & export of toys, plastics products, decorative ornaments and flowers
3. Engineering services related to metals/plastics industry
4. Education institutes in related discipline
5. Major plastic resin suppliers and design firms of plastics products

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All the percentages are rounded to nearest 0.1%.