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Security Services

Security guarding services; Armoured transportation services; Security systems installation /maintenance /repair /design; Owners corporations; Sizeable companies with in-house security services.

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Training Needs


Health & Safety


Customer Service


Scheme for Quality Assured In-house Training

  • The employers should offer better employment terms and enhance the overall image and social status of security jobs to attract new entrants and retain employees. 
  • The employers should apply advanced technology in security systems and operation to streamline the workflow for saving of manpower. 
  • There is also a need to educate security manpower at different levels as well as users in the knowledge and benefits of the application of new technology in security work.

Employees should equip with knowledge in the application of new technologies to enhance their competitiveness in security work.

The Government should address the ageing problem of the workforce by formulating suitable policy to meet the manpower needs of the industry.

Educational institutions and training providers should continue to offer training in the areas of Security Guard Training Courses under the Recognition Scheme, professional knowledge, incident management, information management, observation management, security technology management, customer services and fire prevention; as well as to offer more courses recognised by the Qualifications Framework and suitable continuing professional development programmes to enhance the competitiveness of in-service practitioners.