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Jewellery, Watch and Clock

Jewellery; Watch and clock; Optical sector ...

Covers :
1. Jewellery
   - Manufacturing of jewellery, bijouterie and related articles
   - Wholesale, import / export trading of jewellery, bijouterie and related products
   - Repair of jewellery
   - Testing & Certification and Gemmological laboratory
2. Watch and clock
   - Manufacturing
   - Wholesale, import / export trading
   - Repair
3. Optical sector
   - Manufacturing
   - Retail sale
4. Education institutes in related discipline

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The Manpower Survey of the industry is underway and the survey findings will be released in the first quarter of 2021 tentatively.


Jewellery, Watch and Clock Industry - 2020 Manpower Update Report  Image
  • Jewellery, Watch and Clock
  • 2020 Manpower Update Report

Training Needs in Jewellery and Watch Industries

As Hong Kong enjoys the advantages of a duty-free port, it still remains an important hub for the trading of various gemstone products. Gems identification will become one of the key future directions in the development of jewellery industry. For those industry practitioners who are well equipped with the knowledge of gems identifications (including different products knowledge) as well as testing and certification, they can have more opportunities to further develop in other areas. For watch industry, there is a considerable demand for different aftersales services. Frontlines sales should be well equipped with the knowledge of aftersales services including proper aftersales and consultation services.